Activities are the most important part of an event: this is what participants can register for.

Create/edit an activity

StatusActive: activity is open for reservations; Inactive: activity is closed for reservations
NameName that will appear in the reservation form. Some markup is available
TypeGeneral: registration independent of the role; Couples: registration requires an even number of leaders and followers; Leaders/Followers: registration restricted to a single role
DateDate and time of the activity
Start time
End time
LocationLocation of the activity
PriceAmount for the activity per participant; currency is defined in Event > General
Auto acceptIf No, reservations for this activity will be held for manual approval
Maximum participantsCapacity of the activity; if 0, capacity is unlimited
Description of the activityThe text can be displayed in the reservation form if defined in the layout

Name syntax markup

It is possible to use some simple markup in the name of the activity to be able to differentiate them at a glance. Feel free to use this markup, for example, for:

  • Type of class (e.g., tango, vals, milonga, etc.)
  • Class level (e.g., beginner, intermediate, advanced, master)
Syntax Result
__text__ text
**text** <color red>text</color>
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