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 +====== Activity summary ======
 +===== Listing =====
 +This table shows the details of all [[activities]] of your event and the current status of the registrations for each of them.
 +  * Activity name
 +  * Groups the activity is a part of
 +  * Date and time of the activity
 +  * All: total number of participants registered
 +  * F, L: number of followers and leaders registered
 +  * Max: maximum capacity for the activity
 +Click on any of the headers to sort by that field; click again to reverse the sort order.
 +===== View =====
 +Clicking on any activity name will display a table with details of the reservations for that activity.
 +  * Participant name
 +  * Role
 +  * Partner's name (if registered as a couple)
 +  * Quantity of tickets booked
 +  * Reservation number (click to access the details of the [[reservations|reservation]])
 +  * Payment status: blank if paid, a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark if not fully paid
 +Under the table, there is a summary of the participants registered so far, with the number of the //All//, //F// and //L// in the listing.
 +You can also add notes to the activity for further reference.
 +You can print this page to use as a list to check for attendance at the event.
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