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 +====== Closing an event ======
 +When the date of an event approaches, a few preparations need to take place that require some planning and decision-making.
 +  * closing date 
 +  * listings
 +===== Choosing a closing date =====
 +Choosing the date to close the system to new reservations depends heavily on other factors in your event:
 +  * **clearing of payments**: the time it takes for a payment to clear depends on the form of payment (credit card, bank transfer) and your payment handler. If you require that the reservations are paid before the event, you should take this time into account and close no later than the longest time it takes for a payment to clear. You can also change the accepted forms of payment close to the date, to guarantee that a payment will clear on time (for example, usually credit card transactions clear immediately, while bank transfers take a few days).
 +  * **preparation of printed listings**: if you require to prepare printed listings to check attendance at the event, you need to make sure that the reservations are closed prior to starting this process.
 +===== Listings =====
 +At the event, you will need some way to identify your participants. The system provides you with different levels of potentially printable reports:
 +  * an individual (or couple) reservation program
 +  * a listing of reservations per activity (to be used as an attendance sheet)
 +The activity list can also be used at the event venue to allocate participants that would register on-site for as long as there are places left.
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