This section specifies the e-mails that are sent out to participants after a specific action.

The messages available are:

  • CREDIT_NOTE → sent when a credit note is issued
  • INVOICE_NEW → sent when an invoice is issued
  • INVOICE_REMINDER → sent when a participant has an unpaid invoice; control the frequency and delays in Event>General>Invoice Settings
  • PAYMENT_RECEIVED → confirmation of a payment received (automatically processed or manually entered)
  • RESERVATION_CANCEL → sent when a reservation is cancelled by an administrator
  • RESERVATION_CHANGED → sent when an existing reservation is updated by an administrator
  • RESERVATION_SUMMARY → sent when a reservation is received or confirmed


The following codes can be entered in the body or the subject of the message and will be substituted by the corresponding text when the message is sent:

[invoice_id]Invoice ID
[reservation_id]Reservation ID
[invoice_date]Date invoice is created
[invoice_due_date]Date invoice is due (set in Event>General>Invoice Settings)
[organization_name]Name of the organization (set in Event>General>General Settings)
[event_name]The name of the event
[event_url]Link to the event page on Dance Reservations
[first_name]Participant name
[office_name]Name of your office (set in Event>General>General Settings)
[office_email]Email address of your office (set in Event>General>General Settings)
[direct_pay_url]Direct Pay URL. This URL is secured with a code and can be used without the need to be logged in.
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