This option allows to create a new event, or to edit an existing event. You can access either option (Edit event or New event) at the bottom of the page.

The options available are as follows:

Set imageSelect an image from the image library to represent the event. This image will appear everywhere the event header appears, such as in the event page, the reservation forms, invoices and programs.
OrganizationSelect the organization that owns the event. You can only select an organization you are an organization owner of (see roles).
NameName of the event. For example: Greatest World Festival 2011.
StatusSelect one of the available options: developing, open, maintenance or closed. Developing is the first status after an event is created, no reservations allowed, page Before reservations displayed. Open is the normal operating mode, with all the features enabled; page Reservation selection is displayed. In Maintenance, the reservations are temporarily not allowed. In Closed, reservations are no longer possible and page After reservations is displayed.
DescriptionA brief description of the event
KeywordsKeywords will be used so that search engines have a better understanding of the type of event. Note that nowadays search engines hardly use the keywords anymore, because it has been abused a lot in the past.
Start dateStarting and ending date (YYY-MM-DD format) of the event
End date
Start timeStarting and ending time (HH:MM format) of the event
End time
CityLocation of the event
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