Event general settings

In this page you can configure different parameters of an event open for Dance Reservations.


CurrencyThree-letter code of the currency according to ISO 4217; if your currency is not available, contact support
Office NameName of your reservations office, it will appear on outgoing mail
Office emailE-mail of the reservations office, it will appear on outgoing mail
Skype IDSkype ID for the reservations office, will not be shown if blank
Facebook Event IDID for the event on Facebook, will not be shown if blank. The Event ID is a multi-digit number that comes after www.facebook.com/event.php?eid= in your event's URL
Facebook Group IDID for the group on Facebook, will not be shown if blank. The group ID is a multi-digit number that comes after www.facebook.com/group.php?gid= in your group's URL
Twitter IDID for the event or organization, will not be shown if blank. The ID part is after the last slash in http://twitter.com/ID
Show guestlistIf checked, show a list of attendees in the main event page
Show guests on mapIf checked, show a map with the location of all attendees in it (no other data to identify participants is displayed) NOTE make sure that you require addresses to be entered when making a reservation, otherwise the map will not show correctly

Communication languages

Tick the box(es) of the languag(es) available for communication with your reservations office. Note that this is independent of the translations of the Dance Reservations site; participants will be notified of your communication languages if using the site in a language different than yours.

Reservation settings

These settings control the presentation of the reservation form.

WorkflowDefine if reservations will need to be manually accepted by an administrator (Yes), automatically accepted (No), or it will depend on the activities selected (Set by activity)
Remarks with reservation?If yes, a text box for remarks will be shown to participants when submitting a reservation
Show form?:?:
Show address?If checked, show address fields when making a reservation
Address required?If checked, address fields must be filled when making a reservation
Show phone?If checked, show phone field when making a reservation
Phone required?If checked, phone field must be filled when making a reservation
Show sex?If checked, show sex (gender) field when making a reservation
Sex required?If checked, sex field must be filled when making a reservation
Couple dance?If checked, enable separate handling of leaders and followers :?:
Allow single?If checked, enable single reservations in a couple dance event, otherwise only couples are allowed to register
Default count?If a checkbox is checked, does it count for 1 or 2 people?
Show partner name?If checked, show a text box to enter partner name when making a reservation
Role requiredIf checked, require role when making a reservation

Invoice settings

Invoicing enabled?If ticked, enable issuing and tracking of invoices
Invoice due daysDue days of an invoice since it is issued. This affects the issuing of reminders
PayPal enabled?If checked, PayPal will be accepted as form of payment
Manual payment enabled?If checked, participants will be presented with a text to send a payment offline, for example through a bank transfer
DocData enabled?If checked, participants will be presented with the option to be redirected to DocData for payment. Make sure to also set the DocData Profile below
DocData ProfileName of the profile in DocData specifying the available payment options
No payment method textIf no payment method is enabled (for example, when reservations are already closed), display a text with instructions (e.g., pay cash at the venue)
Invoice termsFootnote of the issued invoices. Make sure to add all the specific terms for purchases of tickets within your organization, such as the policies for changes and refunds.
Send invoice reminders?If checked, reminders of unpaid invoices will be sent periodically and the following options will become visible
DaysAmount of days before or after the due date. This field and the next field belong together.
Before of after due date?Send the reminder before or after the due date?
Repeat?Check the box to send multiple reminders
After days?Frequency to send reminders
Repeat how many times?Number of reminders to send


Default activity pricePrice of an activity (in your selected currency) by default; this can be overridden by setting a price on an activity
Default tax codePlace holder, not being used at the moment
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