Activities are associated into groups for multiple purposes:

  • to display activities in the reservation layout
  • to display activities in the reservation summary and program
  • to group activities that require to be reserved together
  • to apply reductions

Create/edit a group

Click on the New group link. A page like the following will appear:

NameA descriptive name for the group
Type of groupActivity/Display: the group will be appear in the data section of a layout
Category/Display: the group will be used to group activities in the reservation summary
Other/No Display: the group will be not be used as above, but to group activities for example to set up reductions
Require all activitiesIf checked, all activities within the group need to be reserved
OrderIndex number (starting from 0) for ordering this group within a set or in the reservation summary
NotesFor your own reference, will never be displayed
SetSet to use to set the order of activities within the group (will not be displayed until after defining the activities)

Once you click on the Submit button, you will be presented with a list of activities from where you can select the ones that belong to the group. Click on Add, and a summary of the group will be presented. Finally, click on the Submit button to save the group definition.

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