Introduction to administering your Organization / Event

What you are allowed to do is defined by the role that you have. If you are the owner of the organization, you are allowed to do everything; an event administrator can modify the activities offered at one event, while a reservations administrator manages the reservations and invoices. Possible roles and what they can do are explained in roles.

Accessing the admin interface

To access the admin interface, go to or log in to and then click on the admin link at the bottom left corner of the screen:

The menu on the left will now show the administrative tasks, which are described below.

Instructions for the different stages of your event

PreparationWhat information do you need to have available before setting up an event on Dance Reservations?
SetupSetting up an event in Dance Reservations
ManagementManaging an open event and handling daily transactions
ClosingClosing the online event and getting ready for the actual event

Tasks available

Organization & Events

Menu Description
organization Manage information about your organization
events Create new events, set the status of your event
users Manage users with administrative privileges
imagelibrary Manage images that are shared throughout different events

Event Setup

Menu Description
general Set general details for the handling of an event
activities Create/view activities, the building stones of the event
groups Create/view groups. Groups make activities smart
sets Want to have groups of groups? use sets!
reductions Define discounts for packages and early reservations
pages Create pages for your reservation forms, or just use text for introduction
layouts Layouts are used for the reservation forms
locations Define the venues where the activities are taking place
emails Customize the emails that the system sends at specific moments within your event


Menu Description
reservations View, accept or change reservations
invoices Manage invoices
participants Access all participants with a reservation for the event
activitysummary Get an overview of reservations by all activities for each event, access the lists of participants for each activity


Menu Description
mailings Send mailings to all participants of one event, or to all participants known to your organization


Menu Description
reports View or export reports for your event or organization
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