An invoice requests a payment for a reservation; one invoice is linked to a single reservation, but a reservation can be linked to more than one invoice. That said, we recommend that a reservation has a single invoice to be paid, as that simplifies the handling of the payments, both electronic and manual, as each invoice needs to be paid for and accounted for individually.

An invoice can be refunded (that is, the payment request reversed) by issuing a credit note, which is nothing else but an invoice with a negative amount.

Invoice listing

The listing of invoices provides details for all the invoices (not credit notes) issued for the event.

The columns in the listing are as follow:

IDNumber of the invoice, as specified in event general settings
StatusCan be one of Sent (invoice issued, not paid), Paid (payment received), Credited (invoice refunded) or NOTP FIXME
ParticipantName of the participant the invoice was issued to
AmountAmount issued
PaidAmount paid
DateInvoice issue date
DueInvoice due date

Invoice view

The individual invoice view shows the same information as the listing, plus the following:

Direct Pay URLURL providing a direct link to send a payment for this invoice; this includes a random alphanumeric string and does not require to be logged in to have access to
PaymentsDetails for all payments registered for this invoice
Credit notesDetails for all credit notes (refunds) applied to this invoice
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