The layouts control the presentation of the activities in a reservation selection page. Multiple layouts can be used to assemble the selection page, each controlling the display of one group or set.

Create layout

Click on the New layout link at the bottom of the table.


The first step is to choose the type of layout to design:

The row and column headers can be:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Any defined set

Layout settings

The following page will be something like this, with the “1 column header, 2 column header layout”:

The options available are as follows:

StatusDraft, Active or Inactive
PageThe Page (of Reservation Selection Page Type) to include this layout in
NameA descriptive name for this layout
Show nameIf checked, the name will be included above the layout
DescriptionDescription of the activities included in the layout
Show descriptionIf checked, the description will be displayed right below the name
OrderUsed to control the order in case of using multiple layouts; layouts will be displayed in increasing order, starting at 0
GroupGroup that will be used to select the activities displayed
Selection typeControl the selection method in each cell of the layout: Checkbox or Dropdown. A checkbox allows for the registration of either a single participant or a couple; a dropdown allows up to 5 participants in a single reservation, but does not track their role (leader/follower)
Show imagesIf checked, the images selected for each set will be used
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