This function allows to send and schedule mass mailings to be sent to participants with a reservation for an event.

Steps to produce a mailing

  1. Create
  2. Test
  3. Schedule

Create a mailing

To create a new mailing, click on the Add mailing link on the bottom of the page.

Note Before being sent, a mailing has to be first tested by e-mailing yourself.

In the new page, fill the form presented:

Name of the mailingDescriptive name for the mailing. This is only viewable in the mailing list, the subject is specified separately in the subject field.
Event IDSelect an event to e-mail only participants of that event, or leave it empty to e-mail participants of all events hosted at DanceReservations.
Schedule dateDate (YYYY-MM-DD format) and time (HH:MM) the e-mail will be sent. To send it as soon as tested and scheduled, set the date or time to be in the past.
Schedule time
FromE-mail address and name to appear in the “From” header of the e-mail. Can be customized to have it being sent by your reservations office, no-reply, etc.
From name
SubjectSubject of the e-mail. You may consider starting it with [Event Name] and then a short description, or following the convention set in emails for other communications.
BodyBody of the e-mail. Each message sent can be customized to a recipient by using the fields [first_name], [last_name] and [full_name], which will be replaced by the corresponding values when generating the message.

Test a mailing

Once all the mailing information is filled in, the mailing will be created in Draft mode. To be able to send it:

  1. click on the Test mailing link at the bottom of the page
  2. a test e-mail will be sent to your e-mail account, with the fields (e.g., [first_name]) already replaced by the actual value for your account
  3. check your e-mail and verify the information in the message; if everything looks OK proceed to Schedule a mailing

Schedule a mailing

:!: Note: This will only be possible once a mailing has been tested (see above).

To schedule a tested mailing:

  • select a mailing from the list of mailings and click on the Schedule link at the bottom of the page
  • the messages will be sent to the recipients at the scheduled time

Unschedule a mailing

To unschedule a scheduled mailing

  • select the mailing from the list of mailings and click on the Unschedule link at the bottom of the page
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