This page allows you to view and define several details of your organization and the way to process the electronic payments.

The two tabs General and Invoice settings display the current settings, to change any of them, click on the Edit organization link at the bottom of the table.


NameName of the organization
WebsiteURL of the website of the organization (can be the same as the event)
e-maile-mail for the organization owner (not the reservations office)
PhoneInclude country code as +code; see list of country calling codes
AddressAddress for the organization
Postal code
Default languageSet a communication language
DescriptionDescription of the organization

Invoice settings

Invoice prefixA code that will be pre-pended to the invoice number. You could use the initials of your organization or start for example with the year.
Invoice sequenceNumbering of invoices. It is your responsibility to keep the sequence unique across different events, so only change this when you also changed the prefix.
Company numberThe company and VAT number will be displayed in the invoice underneath the address of the company.
VAT number
Manual payment dataIf you let people decide to use different means of paying besides the online payment possibilities, enter here the details, like your bank account. Make sure to provide complete details to make international bank transfers (like IBAN or SWIFT codes) if you expect participants from other countries.
Paypal businessE-mail for the registered Paypal account
Invoice default termsTerms will be shown at the bottom of the invoice. You could mention that it needs to be paid before the due date. The default terms will be copied over to events you create afterwards and can be edited in the Event Setup.
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