This section allows to define pages that are displayed under different conditions, such as when the event is not open for reservations or as a header for the reservation selection page.

Each page contains HTML code, and a visual editor is available for easy editing.

Creating a new page

To create a new page, use the New page link at the bottom of the page. You will be presented with an interface similar to the following:

  • Each new page needs a Name
  • The Status can be set to Active or Inactive
  • The Page Type can be one of the following:
Reservation SelectionDisplayed when a new reservation is made, above the corresponding layout
Text Only:?:
Text Only-Before reservationsDisplayed at the Event URL when the status is Developing
Text Only-After reservationsDisplayed at the Event URL when the status is Closed
  • The Seq field specifies the ordering of the page within the Page Type. This allows to have, for example, a multi-page registration form, that enables the separation of types of activities for example.

Using the editor

The editor section is a WYSIWYG editor, with the ability to specify format to the text like bold, italic and colours.

Note that the text is HTML-formatted, so if you prefer you can also click on the Source button and edit the HTML code directly.

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