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 +====== Participants ======
 +===== List =====
 +This page shows a table with all the participants registered for the event, with the following fields:
 +  * Name
 +  * E-mail
 +  * Gender
 +  * Language
 +  * Country (2-letter code)
 +You can sort the table by any field by clicking on the header; click again to reverse the sort order.
 +To view information from a participant, click on the name or the //view// link at the rightmost column.
 +===== View =====
 +This page shows all the details for a participant:
 +|Personal data| Full name, e-mail, address, phone, gender, preferred language|
 +|Reservation data| Details for all the reservations of current and past events |
 +|Notes| You can add your personal note about this participant here |
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