Preparation for an event

This document discusses the steps that need to be taken care of before an event can go online on Dance Reservations.

This is, for the most part, an issue of deciding strategies and setting up accounts on other sites.


The schedule of the event needs to be decided. This includes:

  • dates, times and prices of the activities offered
  • performing/teaching artists
  • locations/venues

Discounts offered

Multi-day events commonly offer packages with important discounts for participants taking part in multiple activities. The strategy for these discounts needs to be addressed early on, to make sure it can get implemented in Dance Reservations. For more information, refer to reductions.

These are some commonly-offered reductions that can be implemented in Dance Reservations:

  • packages for multiple activities of one kind (classes/evening events)
  • day passes
  • total packages (combining multiple kinds of activities)
  • early bird discounts
  • group discounts


Note: for this option to be available, invoicing needs to be enabled for your event; see Invoice settings

Dance Reservations does not directly handle online payments, but we can interface with established payment handlers that specifically take care of this:

Besides these, you can provide your participants with bank account details so that they can arrange to send a bank transfer, and then the payments can be entered manually.

Online presence

The reservations system provided by Dance Reservations is best complemented by other online presence to either provide more detailed information or target participants.

The online presence can be in the form of:

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