Reports are useful to get an overview of the status and evolution of an event and organization.

Based on the depth, two kind of reports can be produced: event- and organization-based.

Reports can be generated in different formats:

  • web: to be viewed on a browser
  • xls: as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet
  • csv: comma-separated-value (CSV), a simple text file that can also be opened by Excel and other similar software

Event reports

These reports are based on data from a specific event.

event_statisticsProvides an outline of the reservations (pending, accepted, cancelled) and invoices (with payment status), as well as graphs with the evolution since the event went live
event_all_participantsContact details (addresses, e-mail, phone numbers) for all participants having an active reservation for the event
event_res_invoiceSummary of all invoices issued for the event including the amounts paid. Useful to have at the event venues in case of unpaid or partially-paid reservations
event_res_detailDetail of all reservations, including all activities registered for
event_participants_reductionGet the participants and corresponding reservations that received a specific discount as defined in reductions
event_programsGenerate PDF files with all the programs for each reservation in the event; can define a date range where reservations were created/modified, and select paid, unpaid, or all reservations

Event statistics

The first table, Reservations shows the number of reservation by status (pending, accepted, cancelled), as well as a total.

The second table, Invoices, shows the total amount invoiced by status of the invoice:

CREDInvoices that were credited (i.e., cancelled)
NOTPUnpaid invoices FIXME
PAIDFully paid invoices
PARTInvoices for which a partial payment was received
SENTUnpaid invoices FIXME

At the bottom of the page, 4 plots are shown:

Histogram of reservations per dayAccumulation of total number of reservations
Histogram of amount invoiced per dayAccumulation of total amount invoiced

Organization reports


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