Setting up an event in Dance Reservations

Your event in Dance Reservations will most likely contain a number of different activities that involve several artists. These activities will probably be distributed among different locations/venues.

Setting up an event in Dance Reservations requires the entry of a lot of information the first time it is used, but it can be reused for subsequent events.

The information can be entered gradually, but make sure to have defined at this point:

  • venues
  • schedule of activities
  • pricing of activities
  • performing artists
  • package discounts

Creating an event

In order to create an event, you need to be an Organization Owner (see roles). Go to Organization & Events > Event, then click on the New Event link at the bottom of the page.

In the following window you can fill the basic data for the event as described in events.

Once the event is submitted, the Event Page URL can be used to refer participants from your website (or Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc.) directly to the landing page of your event.

Note: the first event needs to be created by the administrators of Dance Reservations. Get in touch with us!

Workflow for setting up an event

  1. First, set up the locations where the activities will take place. This makes it easier to set up the activities, as the location for each activity can be directly set up.
  2. Next, define the groups to organize your activities in. You can always go back to this as needed while setting up the reductions and layouts.
  3. Create a page with a Reservation Selection type to contain the reservation form.
  4. You can also optionally create a page with a Text only - before reservations type to be shown before the event is open for reservations.
  5. Set up layout(s) to include in the reservation form.
  6. Set up reductions as required for your pricing scheme.
  7. Alter e-mails automatically sent to participants if necessary.
  8. Open the event for registrations!
  9. At this point, you can also create a page with a Text only - after reservations type to be shown after the event is closed.

Event settings

The following sections describe the settings available from the Event Setup heading.


In this section you can define the contact information on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), as well as the workflow for reservations and invoicing.


Each venue where activities takes place needs to be defined here.


Activities are the central part of an event.


Activities are assembled in groups for displaying them in the reservations form (see layout) or for setting up reductions.


Sets can be used to combine multiple groups in a specific order, which can be then used in the reservations form (see layout).


If you plan on providing any kind of discount (early reservations, packages, group discounts, etc.) from the basic price of your event, the reductions is where you would define it.


Here you can set up the layout of the reservations form based on the activities offered at your event.


You can define several pages with text that will be displayed before the reservations form, or the text that will be displayed when the event is closed for new reservations.


Here you can customize the text of e-mail messages that are sent by the system to a participant when a reservation or a payment is received, a reservation is changed or cancelled by the reservations office, or as reminders for unpaid reservations.

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